• Reviewed by: RCASCADEN  on: 2015-01-24T09:49:15
    Thank you so very much for the genuine delicious food last night. It was the best take out food we have had is years. We intend to not order from any other "Chinese" take out again. We will recommend HO HO's to all of our friends. Thank you again for the great food.
  • Reviewed by: Sierrah_Boo  on: 2015-01-03T10:54:29.264-08:00
    Food is not good,service was okay.
  • Reviewed by: hmarinesgt  on: 2015-01-02T14:53:02.030-08:00
    The price is reasonable and the service is pretty good too. I have never been inside the restaurant
  • Reviewed by: rentproz  on: 2014-12-10T10:40:43.600-08:00
    Their food and service was excellent. However, They should give an interior decorator a call.
  • Reviewed by: patricksarlo  on: 2014-11-07T15:55:57.841-08:00
    We love their food, and their friendly service. Having the option of online ordering, has saved time
  • Reviewed by: mirby  on: 2014-10-21T13:09:57
    The Director of Admissions at Southern Technical College wants to purchase a large amount of food on Wednesday, October 22nd for the staff here on our college campus and would like to know if you have a catering menu. You can respond to Monica at or you can reach me at 813-630-4401. Thank you!
  • Reviewed by: CXPITT  on: 2014-10-10T10:13:19
    I placed an order on line and they didn't give me what I asked for. I sent a reply back from their email and didn't get an answer. So I called to ask for the rest of my order (hard noodles) and sauces since they didn't leave duck sauce or soy sauce for our orders. All they did was make excuses and an hour and half later still can't eat my lunch. This isn't a very customer based place.
  • Reviewed by: cyan_62000  on: 2014-08-23T09:38:49
    Hello,The online order function doesn't not work. I was able to create an order and register but was unable to submit/complete the order. I had to call to submit my order for delivery. Please advise when the online ordering becomes functional.Thank you.
  • Reviewed by: franluckett  on: 2014-03-05T07:38:02
    I love your food. Does your facility cater as well? We are having an event in April and may want to consider you all for the event. Please contact me.
  • Reviewed by: tolinliu  on: 2014-01-27T14:25:50
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