• Reviewed by: ballc7313  on: 2018/2/7 11:47:13
    You guys move!? We trying to contact you. Try to order its says cant deliver
  • Reviewed by: c21mccarter  on: 2018/2/11 15:15:45
    I have been ordering food for delivery from you online for 2 years. Your new menu is messed up. You don't have desert anymore. I can't order crispy noodles and have them count toward the delivery minimum total, which while ordering says $13 minimum, but at checkout it says $15 minimum. And now, after ordering more food than I want just to get to $15 you say I'm not in your delivery area. I would bet you anything that I am within 3 miles.
  • Reviewed by:   on: 2017/12/27 10:28:06
    Great food terrible customer service
  • Reviewed by: test  on: 2017/11/21 18:17:33
  • Reviewed by: Mangrovesnook  on: 2016-05-20T16:41:36.351-07:00
    Delivery: You frequently fail to follow my request for adding several containers of your house must
  • Reviewed by: fstpros  on: 2015-07-16T06:23:16
    Food Safety Training Pros is coming to a town near you soon for the ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification Training
  • Reviewed by: david.seoweb  on: 2015-05-20T10:54:45
    RE: we are to help you, we are an SEO
  • Reviewed by: dayalkashmira  on: 2015-04-29T17:05:28
    We were very disappointed with the food we ordered today.Vega noodle had only full of noodles hardly any vegetables, and the shrimp had stale shrimp and full of noodles only.We were very diappointet
  • Reviewed by: sylviadougherty99  on: 2015-03-21T09:50:58
    I just completed an online delivery order for your Brandon restaurant that I need to pay with a charge card. It only gave me an option for cash but the website says the driver will have a credit card machine. Am I still all right to charge?
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