• Reviewed by: info  on: 2021/5/13 23:50:56
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  • Reviewed by: ballc7313  on: 2018/2/7 11:47:13
    You guys move!? We trying to contact you. Try to order its says cant deliver
  • Reviewed by: karlacisn  on: 2018/2/26 16:15:30
    I live 3.4 miles away from the restaurant and I was a regular delivery client, too bad I cannot longer order for delivery because it's more than 3 miles away.
  • Reviewed by: xio39y  on: 2018/2/24 14:58:04
    were are you people i missed my lo mein spring rolls i cant find a good restaurant
  • Reviewed by: info  on: 2018/2/19 21:50:56
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  • Reviewed by: c21mccarter  on: 2018/2/11 15:15:45
    I have been ordering food for delivery from you online for 2 years. Your new menu is messed up. You don't have desert anymore. I can't order crispy noodles and have them count toward the delivery minimum total, which while ordering says $13 minimum, but at checkout it says $15 minimum. And now, after ordering more food than I want just to get to $15 you say I'm not in your delivery area. I would bet you anything that I am within 3 miles.
  • Reviewed by:   on: 2017/12/27 10:28:06
    Great food terrible customer service
  • Reviewed by: test  on: 2017/11/21 18:17:33
  • Reviewed by: Mangrovesnook  on: 2016-05-20T16:41:36.351-07:00
    Delivery: You frequently fail to follow my request for adding several containers of your house must
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